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Daley Reviews His Stances on Controverial Topics
March 16th 2015 - Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates generally shy away from saying how they would rule on certain issues, insisting it's not proper to pre-judge cases without reviewing all the facts. However, conservative James Daley has unabashedly expressed his support for the state's Act-10 public union limits and photo I-D for voting. Both have been upheld by the state's highest court, but are expansive enough to possibly create future cases the Supreme Court might be asked to handle. That hasn't stopped Daley from criticizing his April election opponent, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, for ruling against Act-10 and voter I-D. On the "Up-Front" T-V show this weekend, Daley told Mike Gousha (goo-shay') that both measures are "common sense" reforms. He said Act-10 has saved taxpayers "billions" of dollars, while a lack of a voter I-D law would leave the electoral system "wide open" for fraud and abuse. Bradley is seeking her third 10-year term on the state's highest court. She's considered one of two liberals on the seven-member court, but has made judicial independence the cornerstone of her campaign.

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